Shakeology Cleanse and the Paleo Diet – Is it Sustainable?

benefits of paleo diet and shakeology cleanseIf we believe in certain anthropologists, imitate the food of our ancestors so we could afford to remain healthy and regain energy. It is the beginning of the Paleolithic diet. Avoid cereals, sugary foods and processed products and at the same time drop unwanted weight. The paleo diet is not as hard as some people make it to be. In essence it is to focus on consuming lean proteins and fish, nuts and seeds, green and leafy veggies as well as fruit. Eggs are ok. Dairy, legumes and grains are not. But some people also use other supplements to complement their daily nutrition. Some people following any Beachbody workout such as Insanity vs P90x: comparing different workouts –, also take their daily meal replacement shake and/or are following the Shakeology Cleanse for weight loss, without any adverse effects.

A diet of the Stone Age?

The benefits of the diet of our prehistoric ancestors were first described in 1985 in a publication of Dr. Boyd Eaton in the New England Journal of Medicine. In 2001, Loren Cordain published Paleodiet, a model of paleolithic diet adapted to the American way of life.

In France, this food so has attracted the interest of Dr. Jean Signalet, he recommends in his work: Power: the third medicine. More recently, the diet of hunter-gatherers has been the topic of another book, sain maigris Je, je mange good (healthy thinned, as well), Dr. Laurent Chevallier, nutritionist at Montpellier.

The beginning of the Paleolithic diet

According to Dr. Boyd Eaton and many other researchers, our genes, which have barely evolved since prehistoric times, condition our food needs. The analysis of the bones found by anthropologists, and the study of populations still live the same way that prehistoric (eg, the Ache of Paraguay) shows that hunters and gatherers of the Upper Palaeolithic enjoyed good health: lean, muscular, without osteoporosis and already high at the time, because men measured from 1.70 to 1.80 m.

By contrast, the health of our ancestors has deteriorated since the Neolithic period, 10,000 years ago marked by the arrival of agriculture. Finally, fifty years after the arrival of our industrial food dishes coincides with a flambé of obesity and metabolic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases …).

Therefore, according to scientists who have written on the subject, change back to the Paleolithic life, their diet and physical activity, should enable us to lose weight, regain energy and prevent us from diseases called “civilization”.

The Paleolithic diet in practice

The literature on the Paleolithic diet claims that the power of prehistoric man was mainly plant based on fruits and berries, wild vegetables and seeds. The animal part consisted of lean game meat, occasionally fish, eggs of various birds, insects, larvae, snails and mollusks.

paleo food groupsRecommended foods

  • FRUITS OF SEASON: For dessert or snack. Preferably the little candy and concentrate antioxidants, small red fruits, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.
  • SEASONAL VEGETABLES: In each plate and in good quantity, to be satiated. Eat a variety of different colored vegetables and optimizes the supply of micronutrients.
  • NUTS AND SEEDS: Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, flaxseed or sunflower … As a snack or in salads. Provide good unsaturated fats, proteins, fibers, minerals and various vitamins.
  • LEAN MEAT: Excellent source of protein. Unlike meat, wild game of yesteryear, it is better to opt for lean meats: poultry without skin, steak, a nice steak pork or veal escalope.
  • FISH: Rich in omega 3 Specific, heart protective and anti-inflammatory effects. Consuming fish twice a week is recommended.
  • EGGS: They also provide very good proteins. His contribution in cholesterol has only a relative impact on the rate of blood cholesterol. Dr. Chevallier recommends consumption of 3 to 5 eggs per week.
  • OLIVE OIL, NUT OR AVOCADO: Our prehistoric ancestors did not cook. However, for seasoning or cooking food Paleolithic, these oils are interesting because they provide omega 3 or 9 health benefits.
  • PLEASURE FOODS: Foods of pleasure, paleolithic diet allows small amounts of wine (1 or 2 glasses at most a day) and black chocolate with over 70% cocoa (slightly sweet).

The proportions and the number of meals are free. It is advisable to eat when you are hungry and to be satiated. Ideally move towards bio food devoid of pesticides, some of which are endocrine disrupters that likely contribute to obesity.

Food discouraged in paleolithic diet

THE CEREALS: Oats, wheat and wheat products (bread, pasta, semolina), corn, barley, rice, rye … According to experts from the Paleolithic diet, humans are not genetically prepared to consume cereals. Highly concentrated in carbohydrates, these foods induce a strong increase in glucose (blood sugar rate) and, consequently, an overproduction of insulin. However, excess insulin promotes weight gain or even developing diabetes or heart disease. The cereals are especially advised against those who follow the Paleolithic diet to lose weight. Dr. Chevallier recommended limited to 80-120 g (3 to 5 thin slices) of whole grain bread or daily.
SUGARY FOODS: Biscuits, jams, cakes … Worse than cereals, rise too glycemia and insulin. Moreover, lack any micronutrient.
DAIRY PRODUCTS: There existed in the Paleolithic era Bone strength of our ancestors to calcium intake of fruits and vegetables is attributed to the alkalizing effect of a diet rich in vegetables (modern western diet, rather acidifying, promotes osteoporosis) and as sufficient sun exposure, with consequent optimal rate of vitamin D.
If you want to keep dairy products, they must be natural milk and unsweetened.
PROCESSED FOOD: In general, cooked dishes based breakfast cereals and processed foods are very high in sugar, fat or salt shoddy, which are the cause of overweight or metabolic diseases. These foods may also contain additives, dyes, or preservatives many whose health safety is sometimes questioned



THE ADVANTAGES OF Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic diet gives priority to vegetables, fruits, vegetables and oily nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.), whose consumption is unanimously encouraged by nutritionists for its contribution of protective micronutrients. These foods are also rich in satiating fibers that actually help regulate weight.
Imitate the lifestyle of hunters and gatherers implies strive daily. However, we know that physical activity helps prevent many diseases, from cardiovascular disease to cancer. Exercise aids weight loss and allows, during thinning, emptying limit muscle.
Supporters of the paleolithic diet recommend eating listening to hunger and satiety. It is shown that eating without hunger or satiety beyond (and therefore more than necessary) fattening


The theory of genes virtually unchanged from prehistoric not just satisfy all researchers. On the contrary, some believe that human genes have been partially adapted to the changing food environment and, therefore, can consume grains or dairy products. Moreover, some vegetarian populations that consume many cereals are protected rather overweight and cardiovascular disease.
The Upper Paleolithic period dating back more than 10,000 years. Despite the progress of the investigation, some issues remain in relation to diseases that prehistoric men could suffer. In fact, their life expectancy did not exceed 35 years. Therefore, the issue of healthy diet should look into perspective taking into account the time and different environmental factors have also changed a lot of us.
The Paleolithic diet excludes many foods: can be frustrating and monotonous medium term and eventually encourage feeding behavior problems. If dairy products are deleted, we must ensure that calcium intake is sufficient; adults a daily intake of 900 mg is advised.

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Workout For Beginners

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Actress and Former Supermodel Angie Everhart Steps Back into the Spotlight with Nutrisystem

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Tips For dealing With Gynecomastia

If you’re been trying to figure out how to get rid of. Very low-calorie diets take to be accompanied under the watch of the health care provider because of the actual fact they can result serious side effects. Back Fat-also lovingly called Bra Bulge or Bat Wings-occurs when excess body fat accumulates around the back, and it is often accentuated with a woman’s bra.

As stated, the acai berry contains a considerable amount of fiber, which actively promotes a wholesome and balanced digestive system helping in cleaning out your system of fatty foods and junk build-up. Point is always to lower fix all round amount but maintaining yourself stuffed adequate enough to shortly for additional large meals. Point is usually to lower all round lose 10 lbs amount but maintaining yourself stuffed adequate enough to soon for additional workout large meals. Other factor which cause a rise of estrogen in the body include drugs such as estrogen, Isoniazid, and those for that treatment of HIV; alcohol; diabetes; liver cirrhosis; kidney failure; too as hyperthyroidism.

A large amount of individuals who want to shed weight, do cardio regularly and which is quite admirable. Some will obviously have greater than others. Therefore, get working on reducing that abdominal visceral fat now.

Just one of the pleasant treats for all people is consuming our favored meals with a community cafe. The concept behind it is that your body produces some hormones which have an inclination to relax every little bit of muscles in the body. The principal trouble it would seem is always that so several locations provide huge foods. Same as a gulping fish. You have to help keep at heart that it is a time taking process, but ultimately, the results are worth it.

Copyright © 2008. Jumping jacks may help melt away overall calories and fat. Just make sure to eat enough protein to ensure that you never lose muscle and rather lose weight instead.

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Exercise & Meditation :: A Runner’s Guide To Runner’s Knee

You just finished your hardest week of training, culminating in a perfect 20 mile run that seemed effortless, that is until around mile 15 when you began to feel a nagging pain in one or both knees. You grind through the final 5 miles, and hit the couch when you get home. When you stand up, that pain returns, and gets a little worse when you walk up and down the stairs. You pop a few Advil, hit the bed, and assume all will be well in the morning.

Also known as runner’s knee, patellofemoral pain syndrome is the most common injury afflicting runners – some 20 percent of all running injuries – and is something I want to help you fix. The primary symptom of PFPS is pain under the kneecap, which becomes progressively more intense when running. There have been several theories about the cause of the pain, most notably and incorrectly, that the kneecap is pulled laterally by an over-dominant lateral quadriceps and weak medial quadriceps. In fact, we now know through 3-dimentional studies that the culprit is actually an excess of internal rotation of the femur, the result being a chronic stimulation of the pain nerves in the knee, but with no significant tissue damage.

Because there is no significant tissue damage seen with PFPS, the primary goal of therapy is to eliminate the aberrant movements that cause the chronic irritation. The first thing that any runner must do is to avoid painful running. So, if your onset of pain occurs at around 10 miles, keep your runs to 5 or 6, and allow a few days of recovery or cross training in between. The second thing that needs to occur is a clinical running gait analysis to identify any biomechanical abnormalities in your stride. A common pattern I see is a lack or hip stability, causing a dipping of the hip and subsequent excess of internal rotation of the femur during the midstance phase of gait. Additionally, a simple single leg squat will usually show an inward collapse of the knee in runners suffering from PFPS – again due to a lack of dynamic stability of the hip.

So what should you do besides eliminating painful running when you experience the symptoms of PFPS? Ice is your friend after a painful run, and will help to both decrease pain and reduce any inflammation that may be present. This can be done immediately following your run for 15-20 minutes. The longer term solution is to eliminate the excessive internal femoral rotation discussed earlier. I have a somewhat unique approach to this with my runners, that includes not only the standard hip stabilization exercises (see them in my article on shin splints), but also through clinical gait retraining with real-time feedback.

It amazes me how often a runner comes to me stating that they have been working their hip stabilizers to death in the gym with no change in their running pattern, only to correct their gait in a few short sessions through verbal and video feedback. There is a tendency in sports medicine to blame poor movement patterns on weak muscles, tight muscles, etc., but in reality much of what we see as incorrect is just something that was never learned. Teach the correct movement pattern, don’t simply target the muscles in the gym and expect results.

So, if you are suffering from PFPS, don’t lose hope. Get yourself checked, train your gait, and you will be as good as new in no time.

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How to Get A Flat Stomach Without A Gym

Over the time I’ve been helping people lose weight; many similar questions have popped up. What do you must do then when only a couple weeks are left for on that day to arrive? Sit, lament and reminisce those rosy days when you can just wear anything chic and sexy. A 2006 study at Wake Forest University shows that trans fat, a man-made substance by which vegetable oil is infused with hydrogen atoms, gloms onto your gut harder and faster than other forms of dietary fat. Feel free to leave a comment if you think I missed an effective tip that will help anyone lose belly fat that is a lot better than any included within this list.

Trans fat can be a key ingredient in many boxed snacks, baked goods, and take out products (French fries are a huge one). Everyone can attain this goal, although it is nice to know that few people hold the same shape of muscles. When the stomach touches the ground, this really is the ideal position being in for optimum effectiveness at working the abdomen area.

Step 7 Write It Down. Is there p90 a way to lose weight just in one spot?No, this really is one of the biggest myths inside the arena of fitness. Pectin limits body fat that’s absorbed by your cells.

You have to lie on your back upon a workout pad for this particular workout. If you might be someone who struggles review with keeping your tummy toned, then you will find certain approaches to flatten your stomach for good. You need to have total control in everything you take in your body.

Allow your entire muscles to completely relax for a minimum of two minutes prior to deciding to repeat. This will include elliptical and aerobics. Focus your vision about the imaginary spot on the ceiling.

Repeat the procedure as desired or with a predetermined variety of repetitions and sets. Try to bring a right angle bend in your knees and produce the knees closer to your chest by tightening your ab muscles and lifting the hips off the floor. You can obtain a flat stomach through these exercises inside a few weeks. According to our genes we tend to store fat on certain places, but in order to shed that fat we have to work on lowering the excess fat on all the body.

Before embarking upon this flattening journey and commence performing these abdominal exercises, it is really a good idea to check along with your family doctor, if you’ve any cardiovascular disease or other ailments. If you might be living an inactive lifestyle, than the usual major life-style change will have being in order. This one is more challenging for obvious reasons haha!.

Now you can do the stomach exercises at your desk. Credit: Ian Britton/ (c)FreeFoto. Is there a approach to reduce weight just in a single spot?No, this is certainly one of the largest myths within the arena of fitness. Get vital tips to slim down here: http://bestdietplantoloseweightpermane.

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The Venus Factor – How Women Can Slim Down Fast

Almost every woman will undergo her whole life with fighting against keeping a curvy figure. So exactly what does all of these examples have in common? The response is carbohydrates. You can make this happen in many different ways. However, people become very health conscious and commence practicing weight reduction exercises and following healthy suggestions to lose weight.

How to lose weight fast with diet and use involves burning bodyfat. Once your body has gotten utilized to getting enough calories after about a month, you can again surprise your body by suddenly doing another 6 week fat reducing period! You will burn off fat once again. With goals that are achievable you’re not setting yourself up to fail. But with Nutrilean, every consumer is guaranteed of safe results. You will want to continue with your weight loss attempt and get more results! You have to follow a wholesome fast weight-loss diet that provides you with an intentional caloric deficit, and a physical exercise regime.

During each breath, picture within your mind the numbers ten through one. The higher satiety value of protein doesn’t make you feel hungry. Eat fat by all means because it is among 3 micro nutrients our body needs on every day basis to stay lean and healthy. You may start your entire day with:.

1 Drink water before meal – it is advised to adopt two glasses water before creating a meal. It does not subject what form of diet program you might be on, in the wedding you commence to experience confused through the strategy then it is time for any diet regime break. >>>> Dehydrate while limiting excessive sweats in the liquid diet.

Avoid desserts. It also helps to slow down digestion so you may not feel hungry easily. This will keep the body metabolically active throughout the day. But adding exercise in will enable you to achieve your vegetarian weight loss goal faster, at exactly the same time, help to maintain you fit and healthy which means you can live longer and accomplish a lot more than ever.

1 Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits – a plate filled with raw vegetables and fruits has higher satiety value and low caloric count, replace it with junk foods like burgers, pizzas, soft drinks etc. Dinner time comes and you ingest mushroom soup with fresh slices of tomatoes and cucumbers. But with Nutrilean, every consumer is guaranteed of safe results. But with Nutrilean, every consumer is guaranteed of safe results. You would want to continue with your weight loss attempt and get more results! You have to stay with a proper fast weight loss diet that gives you an intentional caloric deficit, and a physical exercise regime.

Toast = 1 slice of any kind of bread but preferably whole wheat bread. The higher satiety value of protein doesn’t allow you to feel hungry. Eat fat by all means because it is one of 3 micro nutrients our body needs on a daily basis to stay lean and healthy. Take it easy .

Get Plenty of Sleep – Scarcity of sleep may reason you for eating more throughout your entire day plus it is not going to have good power for workouts; keep in mind that aiming for having 8-hour sleep at night is important for you. There is not a way that you simply will forfeit twenty pounds in a week. Generally, you may achieve better slimming result to adopt proper slow and continuous aerobic exercise during weight loss. Make sure you buy fresh and organic food from your local market. Pretty soon you is likely to be on the road to success on losing weight!!.

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Benefits Of The Modern Physical Fitness Boot Camp

Cardiovascular Conditioning. For an individual attempting to help expand their heart health, without specifically gaining or losing weight, a broad guideline could be to execute cardio the very least of thirty minutes a day, three days a week. When wanting to add mass, cardio ought to be done with a minimum, but for health reasons it should not be completely deleted. This is but among the countless workout myths that can keep from reaching your weight reduction goals. Aside from delighting our childlike desire to play, these activities were built to accomplish an essential purpose.

Another benefit of the boot camp classes may be the decreasing danger of brittle bones by improving density of bone. These journeys include kids to drop the kids to college or going for the supermarket. perform your endurance exercise for your appropriate serious amounts of level.

• Elyptical Trainer. When doing shaun t fitness exercises with the dumbbells, the abdominal muscles also contract to aid keep balance. Her regular breakfast would consist of 2 waffles, as well as the occasional junk food pizza about the way to training every day.

If you have worked the right path out to achieve a 6-pack abs through rigorous exercise plus a strict diet, developing an 8-pack abs also consists of the same mechanism: tone up muscles and lose fats. When you start your workout, your preview body transforms glycogen to glucose. Circuit training combines cardiovascular training with strength training in one fast-paced workout. It can also be important for runners to get their antioxidants found primarily in berries.

Eating enough quantities of the best kinds of nutritious, fat loss food help keep sexy and lean legs. Being lean and doing high intensity cardio every frequently isn’t planning to hurt you, change is good, since it keeps our bodies guessing. Being lean and doing high intensity cardio every so often isn’t going to hurt you, change is good, since it keeps our bodies guessing. the end of this move your legs are fully extended however, not locked and your.

I’m starting to see kettlebells and books/DVDs sold together in a package.   If you alter the way you workout, you can improve your body for that better. All it requires is two weeks of effort, that is enough time to break habits, settle into a nice pattern and the results will reveal & prove the system does work. Your thermis effect of feeding is generally about 10 percent of your everyday calorie burn. walking briskly (start on level surfaces).

Understanding and learning the way your body processes and responds will determine whether you’re doing an excessive amount of cardiovascular work. It is significantly easier. A study shows that about 17 percent of our car travels are under 1 mile. minutes – 500 meters split and burn 1000 calories in an hour.

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Beginner Swim Workout

Swimming is one of the best ways of working out and burning calories. Read on to know about some beginner swim workouts.

How many of you are aware of the fact that swimming happens to be one of the best cardiovascular exercises and one that is highly recommended for weight loss? Hmm…I can see the answer through quite a few “Oh my God! I didn’t know that!!” looks on the faces of some of you. That alone is a good enough reason for me to proceed with the following information on beginner swim workout.

Swim Workout for Beginners

All the sets of exercises that have been included in the following beginner swimming workout have been specifically designed keeping in mind newcomers to swimming workouts. There are three main aspects of swim workouts:




The best swimming workouts are those which incorporate all the above, and in balanced proportions. You should always keep this in mind, regardless of whether yours is a beginner workout or an advanced workout. The length i.e., the duration of your workout will depend on the number of times you plan to swim per week. As a beginner, you should ideally aim at swimming between 3 to 4 times a week. Swimming on all 7 days of the week is a stupid thing to do. Over-training is not at all beneficial and you will only end up getting exhausted and all your over-enthusiastic efforts will go down the drain.

Workout Details

Start your workout with a nice warm-up. Warming up is vital for any exercise session, let alone swim workouts. It loosens your body muscles so that they can perform at an optimum level. Skipping a warm-up and directly moving on to a strenuous workout can be a dangerous thing to do and it can often lead to injuries. Begin with a leisurely 50 meter warm-up. Use the breast stroke along with a bit of back stroke for your warm-up lap.

Once your body is nice and loose, you can proceed with the actual workout. This is where the grueling part begins. Initially, aim at a total distance of 400 to 450 meters. This total distance needs to be divided into different blocks or steps. An example could be a sequence of 50-75-100-100-75-50 meters. This progression of ascending and descending lap distances is popularly known as a ‘ladder’.

Let us see how to go about this workout while targeting the aspect of endurance. Considering the above example of a 450 meter ladder, start with a 50 meter lap and rest for 5 seconds. Next, do a 75 meter lap and rest for 8 seconds. Follow it up with 100 meter lap after which you rest for 15 seconds. Next is another 100 meter lap followed by 15 seconds of rest. Now, we go down the ladder with a 75 meter lap and 8 seconds of rest. Finally, finish off with a 50 meter lap. The main thing you should keep in mind during this endurance workout is rhythm and stamina, rather than speed.

In case of a swim workout based on technique, do not follow the ladder pattern. Instead, keep a constant lap distance of 50 or 75 meters for the entire workout. Swim 50 or 75 meters at a time and focus entirely on your body position, your stroke, kick and breathing pattern. Use a regular swimming board or a training float for assistance.

In case of speed workouts, as a beginner you should initially restrict them to one day a week. Do a slightly longer warm-up than you would otherwise do for an endurance workout. Once you are warmed up, strap on a good waterproof stopwatch on your wrist to keep track of your lap timings. Divide your 450 meter ladder into 3 steps of 150 meters each. Make sure that you take adequate rest between each of the 3 ladder steps. Increase the lap distance and the difficulty level as you gain in confidence, strength and stamina.

Always remember, the best swim workouts are the ones which you enjoy doing and at the end of which you get a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Remember to take adequate rest and do not push yourself beyond limits.

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Have You Seen These Workouts? Great Opportunities to Get Fit At Home

Dropping weight and burning fat is not the exact same thing. Doing it safely, without a proper trainer can be even more difficult and depending on what routine you’re doing, it may even be dangerous. It can be, yet it’s not necessarily the same point. As an example, you can deprive yourself for an extended period of time, and slim down, but that does not mean that you have altered your physical body composition. Simply puts, you might still be much less heavy, but not have a slim body.

I know this is semantics which when individuals say “I wish to drop excess weight”, exactly what they suggest is that they prefer to attain physical body recomposition and also do away with love handless, added fatty tissue around the waist and thighs and also essentially have a leaner figure. In shorts, obtain ripped!

In order to get rid of weight, you should determine your basal metabolic rate then eat much less calories, in order to develop a shortage. Think about your daily diet like a financial account, other than this time around about, we are much more thinking about making withdrawals instead of deposits. Top quality of calories is likewise essential as well as part of a lengthier conversation. But for now, allow’s presume that you are consuming top quality meals rather than very refined or fast food options.

It deserves keeping in mind that obtaining a calorie deficit using your day-to-day diet regimen is much more essential compared to the workouts you do. You could kill yourself exercising on a daily basis, but if your diet plan is not made up of a “tidy diet regimen” concentrated on getting slim, you are not going to manage to burn fat and acquire lean with workout alone.

In regards to what functions as for workouts choose body recomposition and also fat loss, researchers, trainers and athletes have identified that short, extreme bouts of physical exertion are far more efficient compared to lengthy constant cardio, as an example. In shorts, exercising for Thirty Minutes at a quite high strength, will certainly be much more reliable for improving your metabolic rate versus long stable cardio.

You can search online for higher strength training exercises as well as acquire a feeling of the sort of workouts that we are talking about. Exercising with weights in a circuit style is likewise really efficient because lifting weights is going to create a hormone change in your body that will certainly market weight loss by raising your slim physical body mass.

Bodybeast workoutThere are several exercise programs that include this design of training that has actually gone completely mainstream. Crossfit, P90 workout, Chalene’s Piyo workout and for the muscle heads, there’s options like Body Beast and before anything else, go check out this awesome Bodybeast review at Shake Cleanse where they have all been utilizing these principles in order to get you ripped as well as burn fat deposits quite efficiently. There are various other options for certain, but we are simply touching in a few of one of the most prominent alternatives nowadays.

Also in-house workouts are getting on this trend and also now workouts such as P90X are releasing much shorter choices such as P90X3 as well as Insanity Focus T25. Each workout being 30 as well as 25 minutes specifically. Yet being shorter in period doesn’t indicate they are easy. These exercises are actually requesting and also may not be for everyone.

30 minutes seems like the ideal period. In and out in less than one hr and feeling terrific. I remember among the hardest parts of P90X was just how long it was. Yoga exercise X for example, clocked in at 90 mins +. I don’t know about you, yet I sure do not have one hour and also a fifty percent to be exercising. I am rather active as well as I have to maximize the moment invested concentrating on my health and fitness.

So now you can see for yourself; You do not need to invest countless hours in the gym in order to work. The main thing is for you to remain active and never spend more than 3 days without working out at least half an hour. That’s the bare minimum, but still a great way to keep  yourself in the game, prevent injuries and keep your fitness levels at optimum levels.

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